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Robert Pete Williams


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Robert's Talking Blues


Robert Pete Williams plays a long intense blues for the camera during a 1968 taping at the University of Washington.

In December 1958 Robert Pete Williams was paroled form the Louisiana State Penitentiary and by 1965 was able to tour the country, traveling to California, Massachusetts, Chicago, and in 1966 Europe. In 1968 he settled west of Baton Rouge in Maringouin, Louisiana and began working outside of music. But by 1970 began to perform once again, touring blues and folk festivals throughout the United States and Europe.

His music has appeared in several documentaries most notably, "Roots of American Music: Country and Urban Music" (1971), and the French made films "Out of the Blacks into the Blues" (1972), and "Blues Under the Skin" (1972).

His most popular recordings included "Prisoner's Talking Blues" and "Pardon Denied Again." Williams has been inducted into the Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame.

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